Words Always Spoken Color Variation

Words always spoken

Inspirational encouragingly and hopeful having been

Faced with doubt

In the process to distinguish from

Cheering and that of an unrefined piece

Of raw material

Fulfilling self up

On the Spirit of Confidence and determination

In conclusiveness of authority


Having to work like Jesus

The course in front having

Become thick coarse and hard in

The distance
Till the metamorphosis

Clogged to hear

Breaking free through the light

The thicket lined with casualties

Cutting through the water

Wrapped in a cocoon

Till emerges overhead

While spewing, driven, from above


The archaic smell of the odor

Of gunpowder filters in through the nose

The voices booms bursting

Gushing having gone beyond

Out of reach of the sphere

Having gone farther beyond the head

Straining from pressure oozing out

Rushing away in a flood

The touch


In an expression mouthed


With an approach

In a stutter slowly

Taking visual  

The image


Becoming visible developing

The sound binging struck upon the side dishes with chopsticks on bowls

Coming into view from the expression of the mouth

Developing entering with the attitude of doubtfulness accessing in positiveness

That since upon the quest to conquer are able in the world to bring forth and make known

Spreading news in joyous shout getting out the word

Bouncing ricocheting off vibrating

Fluttering being drove riding the turbulent air from plant to plant vying

Capturing the vibrant colors the attention

A plant used for healing

Used for making clothes drying eyes

Building individual people for other people to live

Dealing children with the consequences of their parents actions

Making from the materials provided

A creation from the material

In aspiration of time spent

Sharing the effort


The horror

Waiting for the punch line to swing taking a punch

The trepidation being the shivers at being laughed

As bamboo in the wind shaken Not to be ridiculed

Producing a stock that is sturdy

Our own hearts puts up their hands in a block

From us seeing the decaying decomposing frame

Searching for the ones weakened by the Sun

Too tired to fight back wilted

Unable to reflect upon the premises of our own actions

To see that our own actions has been the cause of individuals getting in trouble

Exerting to move force upon an individual


Many varieties of food

But only one peak interest

Fruit that produce growth

That surfaces and promote free from illness

Tether stretch and eaten in how much can consume

Looking as an old wart hog

In good health having desire to encourage

With inspired inspiration

Fleeting, falling into a crater, moving nimbly fast through the tears

Leftover from the night offering up

To rise with the Sun’s warmth of the morning dew

Flittering the wings back and forth in the wind

Materializing out of the cocoon flapping wings in the wind

Excited to be exposed to love to see the world





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