Over Head Were Planes

In height overhead

There were planes

over the community


In flight bringing up the rear

Beyond the brim of the community

Were crafts of enemies planes

The aggressor

Covering the perimeter

Spreading doubt to hold joy

Showing being with courage


Protruding pronouncing with

Thrusting forward from the belly

Emerging from the lips

A verbal confrontation

As it sat idly in the belly inhaling the carbon-monoxide

Loathing disdain carried crammed to the extent

The destination covering range

Holding to keep in restraint

Within aim of fire

Carrying crammed to the extent

Spat upon name

An outward burst of anger

Displeased in action

Once having had the existence of the beauty of life

Now the delicate existence that have had given much pleasure in the materials have become repugnant  


From the restraints


Sending children out in designation

Proclaiming Allah

to cease to bring to an end

To kill individuals

Trained to stay up

Growing out in course of development

Moving gradually over a distance in time slowly

A small amount at a time

Manners in killing

Bringing to life


Having been left for dead being homeless

Having to find own food

Joy in excruciation of effort


Bickering angrily

In altercation with words disputing

Wrangling moving with the mouth as though in disagreement

As if had eaten spoiled


Causing nausea and vomiting

From having been store improperly in light and warmth

As warmth of light of the Sun bake the uncovered actions


Overshadowing overreaching to the extent

Taking away song

Wrapped in the finest silk

In a show promenading the boundary of the perimeter

Elevated in value

Not worth to rise

In power inadequate

Inferior to rise

Stumbling stammering after attempts and tries

Glazed with mist words

Sitting being seasoned too long

For the wintry cold

Utilized for bandage

An application wiping the spit

The racing high fever from attempts



 Twisty Ty

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