Military Counter: War

Military countering up to discuss

Protecting investment

Setting upon personnel of the community control of crime through direct influence to bring acts of conduct


To educate

Against hitting the side of innocence with violence

To operate at full optimal operation

In the execution destination of function to reduce the lack of adequate materials

Parents waking in the home

Both preparing for conflict dressing for combat

Clothing cloaked in the appearance of disguised

Camouflage in articles meant to invest to fund for the availability

Honoring military

The investment

In voice suppose to be

Giving in music praise

Advertising sell of violence

Through the stimulation of drugs catapulting confidence

The purchase of the product of the merchandise the substance utilized as a stimulant

The drug causing one to stand


The euphoria in the high feeling secure simplicating security

Sending the high false hope

Seeing individual people sign-up to protect  

Waving the flap of the flag

Slapping the wind

The snapping sound drying the eyes pulling the corner taut on the bed.


Stretched across the border
How well hidden is my Lord


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