In Church Drifting

As I rose heading to Rising Star Baptist Church
Taking a smile

Setting it straight

Dressing embellishing

My face for those in whom are deaf and unable to hear

Clothing the face with a smile with a putting it on for those in whom is deaf


In the auditory

Projection in the tone of my voice

Placing in the seat

The sound

I put in my voice

The sound of praise

My heart cheers for joy


From the radiant mechanical instrument of the musicians

The air is filled with blessings

Passing the hours and minutes

Glorifying the Lord

My cheeks rise with the expressions of happiness

The sound of hope swells in my eyes

For the cease actions of the consciousness of my enemies

The voice rings out

Knowing the capability of what it is able to bring in

Circulating around the church

Feeding off of

The prayers to be healed

The carnal flesh of sin into the offering plate

Inspired to uplift

The choir sings “Lift Him Higher”

Reflecting bouncing back reverberating

Filling for the voyage from relief

The prayers from the preacher


Learning individual people how

Keeping a record on

In the books in how


How many churches

Rather show kindness to God than to man

We are being called to sow kindness


Putting self committing

Putting self in slavery entrusting

In what had been made


Further and further getting in distance

Fading as though going to sleep


Hoping to have an increase in blessings

At First Community Antioch Baptist Church

How to work with a pen

Through which sowing unto God

I learn how

To show kindness to man

As children

Born young

Have faith that a mother will feed

Having no need

To keep giving individual people

More task to share amongst others in what had been made


Having in started with a small amount and had multiplied

The Sun rising above

My Brother in the fraternity

The Sun rising above the Darkness

Over the head of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.






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