Beautifully Waving

All teachers jobs are not communicators

Some are testers


Waving flag beautifully

A better Unit

Having through the purchase of merchandise been strengthen

But the strength is not in the merchandise of product

Strengthening tides

Having to rely upon the Lord to heal the mind

In rage with displeasure


Better watch where you rest your feet

With heavy steps making noise

In the city pace of feet

going distracted coming with work

The clacking utterance of noise

Preventing to hear

Unable to concentrate

With the sputter of the pop pop

Halting positioning self to hear

Setting free self repeatedly showering with love  

Removing debris

Exploding with uncertainty of nervousness

Repetitiously repeating the sound

Clear self from shackles announcing words

From fatness create what you put in


Obtaining from plan a victory wife

Going about a woman going to heal

Going about with effort after children

Picking-up placing in praise

Feeling acceptable getting ready the dishes

At home straightening

To have a place to lay

At the end of the day wounded

Absent in the confidence of trust

The physical condition needing

Running to be healed

Securing rest

Feeling protected

Growing in the bosom

Nurtured by the Night

Free from the labor of the activity of work

To know

The Spirit

Delicate hands not to crumble

Heaviness of the durability of the dexterity of the Spirit not to stamp

When bruised having to use extra tender care

Into the possession unable to rely

Upon the trustworthiness of the dependability of others

The shape of the hourglass running through

The hands lickety split with speed of quicksand to recover

The night before


Everything that had had in possession been took

Wounded fleeting weeping

Forced apart drops grieving with tears

Having seized once control dominating

Having fell over

Having regained gotten back

Living through the night

Crept recalling retaining the memories

Bringing back running through eyes wide with shock

Nights of sweat in fright looking

Living through being in contact with the life of a woman

Through the force of action

From the force of action becoming the substance that makes one unsuitable


Cross contaminated


Unsuitable for life to live


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